Logo Design Development - KIC

The following logo design options were made for KIC. The brief stated that the Corporate Identity should reflect their mission statement: "To be the nucleus of Hospitality Career Counseling  in India offering students a bouquet of Premium Foreign Hospitality Institutes, having diverse programs at both Undergraduate & Post Graduate levels, Craft courses and specialization, in order to suit individual hospitality career education requirements. With an emphasis on overseas hospitality education, a student is provided a chance to appreciate the breadth and diversity of the profession and help the parents foresee the industry beyond hotel and restaurant operations. Creation of the best online portal for hospitality management education and to provide a career opportunity to hospitality graduates in the profession of changing lives."

The logos were designed around the following ideas:
1. the logo is minimalistic & the I in KIC is bigger. This reflects on the focus of the I for 'individual'.
2. The logo has a symbol which is known as the flower of life. It is the nucleus of all creation. It is held like a globe.
3. this logo has a globe with a red ribbon that goes around & beyond it!
4. this logo is a symbol of a bird made out of origami.
5. KIC is in a block, interconnected.

Option 3 was selected as the final logo.

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