Wedding Invites - My Favourite Picks!

Designing a wedding card is much more than selecting the right paper and colours. When a wedding theme comes into play, every minute detail is coordinated to match the mood and style of the occasion! Then why leave the invite out?Whether you want it subtle yet classy, vibrant and perky or grand in its appeal, make sure your wedding invites leave back memories not only with you but also your guests. Here are a few of my favorites picked off the internet. Read on and see why I chose them!
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Love birds, open bird cages and garden motifs make for an elegant invite! Especially in cut work and bright colours!

Embellishments add a sophisticated touch.

Butterflies! You can create tons of winning designs with these!

A dressy pocket, envelope or an invite holder, makes up for a plain neat design of the invite it holds.

Paper cut work invites - there's nothing more stunning

Paper cut work infact works adorably for any occasion.

A trifold! Always a welcoming invite.

I like the way a twine hold together a paper punched trifold.
An invite with a reply card holder!
Initials! so many lovely things you can do with them.

How I adore illustrations! Celebrate your City or Church with an illustrative skyline.

An illustrated invite, for those who like art.

Wedding invites can be converted into Emailiers or E-invites as well. Checkout our designs and wedding invitations on this link:
Hope you liked this post! We would be happy to hear from you. Tell us which ones you loved and why. If you have some amazing ideas, do share.

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