Laser Cut Invitations and Wedding Stationery for Weddings, Navjotes and Other Special Occasions

Whether you go in for a simple or intricate design, a laser cut invitation or a greeting is sure 
to wow any guest with the shapes and details one can achieve with this method. 
Laser cut wedding invitations haves become a massively popular trend over the past few years. 
This method of production can also be applied to other materials like wood 
to achieve an earthy and natural wedding style/theme. 

The actual invitations are very delicate and require special casing or packaging. 
The cost is entirely dependent on the design 
– the more detailed the design, the more time it takes to cut and therefore the dearer it will be. 
If you’re having an intimate wedding , laser-cut wedding invitations 
would certainly reiterate the ‘quality not quantity’ approach!


Laser-cut invitations are show-stoppers! 
An intricate paper art particularly suited for reproducing 
even the most elaborate of designs with maximum 
precision and quality. Laser-cutting produces super clean, 
precise designs that other printing methods struggle to achieve.

We can safely say that we have aced the laser cut! 
Seen above for example, mason jars, fairy lights and a delicate laser cut invite 
completes that simple rustic look for a dreamy country wedding!
If you have a theme in mind, connect with us for a unique design.
Our work speaks for itself... and we never repeat our designs :)

Custom design your invitations and wedding stationery 
with us, call/sms +919820673466 or inbox us at

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