Spring-Summer Themed Laser Cut Invitation Design For Weddings & Navjotes

Be it a wedding, a navjote or any other special occasion, there's no invitation design as simple 
and sophisticated as a laser cut. It's so pretty, and pretty delicate! 
We always place these handle-with-care babies 
in a four flap open envelope so that they won't get damaged while opening up the invite. 
A matching seal at the back of the envelope completes the look!

Are you on the lookout for fresh designs for your invite?  An invitation is the first sign 
of the joyous occasion you wish to share with others. It is the first tangible exchange 
of communication with your guest and many under estimate its importance. 
It makes more than a first impression; it is an exchange of delight, of gratitude 
and a lasting memory! Designing an invitation is much more than selecting 
the right paper, graphics and colours. When a theme comes into play, 
every minute detail is coordinated to match the mood and style of the occasion! 
Then why leave the invite out? Why not make it count?

We, at Zinia JC offer an unmatched service, an opportunity to share ideas and create 
your very own unique invitation. We help transform the image you have in your mind 
to that most cherished invitation card you will hold in your hand. A card that reflects 
the elation and pride of a special occasion and more importantly you! Our customers, 
their budget, preferences and timelines are our priority. Choose from a range of 
fresh design ideas or come up with your own. 
We will customize and personalize the invites and stationery 
according to your tastes and expectations. 

To book an appointment for Custom Invitation Design, Gifts & Stationery or ideas in Paper Décor,
call / sms us on +91 9820673466. For more information, check out facebook.com/ziniajc

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