Our Designs In Laser Cut / Paper Cutouts For Personal Stationery And Invitation Design

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The following list of designs will be shared on request:

Theme - Zoroastrian
1. The Holy fire Atash
2. Angel Asho Farohar
3. Guardians of the Gates Winged Bull
4. Auspicious Parsi Ses
5. Holy Prophet Zarathushtra 

Theme - Religious
1. Nirvana Buddha
2. Sound of the Universe Om
3. Health Wealth and Prosperity - Laxmi, Ganesh, Saraswati
4. Protected by the Hand of Fatima
5. Balance with Yin and Yang Fishes

Theme - Flora / Fauna
1.Swans of Love
2. Fly Swift and High Swallows
3. Open birdcage of freedom
4. Fearless Tiger
5. Majestic Stag

Theme - Lucky Charm
1. Horse shoe and Clovers
2. Lucky Sailor Anchor
3. Dream Catcher's Paradise
4. Celtic Knot of Charms
5. Angel with Trumpet

Theme - Kids
1. Teddy bear hugs
2. A statement with initials
3. Air Balloons and buntings - its party time
4. Gift Box - Big things come in small packages
5.  Imaginations run wild with the Unicorn

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